What to know before entering 6th grade (Phys. Ed. related)


The following is a collection of skills that have continuously come up in PE class/school that more and more students may not know how to perform by the time they are 11 years old. Times have changed and kids now days have skills we never dreamed about, but with that, many need to strengthen some of the essentials. These are things they should know, which will make their life much easier during their time in middle school and/or life. Nothing hard, just the basics.


1) Understand how to work a combination lock.

2) How to blow up a balloon and tie it in a knot.

3) Tie their shoes without a double knot.

4) Lace their shoes.

5) Tie a tie.

6) Use a stopwatch.

7) Ride a bike.

8) Swim.

9) Open a door with a key.

10) Throw and catch a ball properly.

11) Write legibly. 

12) Write in cursive, at least their name.

13) A good push up.

14) How to apply deodorant.

15) A cartwheel.

16) Forward roll.

17) Read an analog clock.

18) Jumping jacks.

19) North, South, East, & West.

20) Basic math.

21) Be used to changing in front of others.

22) First pants then shoes.

23) Left from Right.

24) The alphabet.

25) You alphabetize by last name.

26) How to ask for something politely.

27) A phone number to contact their parents.

28) Their house address.

29) How to get home from someplace else in town, at least which direction they live.

30) Clipped finger nails.

31) Spell their middle name.

32) Using a broom.

33) Knocking before entering.

34) Capitalize the first letter of their name.

35) How to shake hands with someone.

36) Know what shoe size they wear.

37) Months of the year in order.