If you are looking for a student teaching placement at Lundahl, please contact District Central Office.  We are always looking to work with Universities and Colleges to help with the education and experiences of future professionals.

​Lundahl has had many successful student teachers come through our department.  Over the years and each one has brought something new to our department or helped revitalized me or our staff.  For myself it is also a great time for reflection on my own teaching style, philosophy, and a way to stay fresh in currant teaching theories and techniques.

​Lundahl has a well balance program and a staff that strives to bring out the best in the kids.  With team teaching and individual class, off campus activities, electives, a broad spectrum of units and special events, Lundahl has been a source for other districts and educators to see what can be accomplished.

Student Teachers of the Past

The following are students teachers that I worked with directly.

1995    Erick Hornberg - Western Illinois University       
1997    John Cannon - Illinois State University

1998    Scott McDowell - Illinois State University       
1999    Todd Beth - Illinois State University 

2005    Charles Hightower - Northern Illinois University       
2007    Sinisa Vidic - Judson College 

2008    Michael Hart - Illinois State University       
​2013    Kyle Magnuson - Illinois State University

2016    Taylor Neuschwander-Thurow - Judson College

2017    Kristi Cirone - Judson College

2019    Maggie Mahar - Judson College