Sorry, but I couldn't fit all the information on one page so I had to add another.

Scarecrow - 2006


Say something interesting about your business here.  Best all around costume yet.

Football pads were used.

iPod played creepy sounds.

Costume was hand stitched together as it was put on me.

The first homemade masked I used, hand carved.

Spring stilts and had made me 8 feet tall.

Long flexible foam wire was used for the fingers.

Shocking Statue - 2007


Made to look like a statue.

The twist to the costume was that I was electric.

​You would receive a surprise jolting shock if you shook my hand.

Head Collector - 2008


 Plastic spoons for the eyes.

Working chainsaw (no chain).
Practice heads from hair stylist in training.
Real human hair on heads.
Some students cried in fear - not kidding!

Mime - 2009


Only 20 minutes to get ready.

Didn't talk all day.
Very animated with facial expressions, use of hands, & body language.
​I had fun being annoying.

Zompire - 2010



Most expensive one yet:
    $200 full eye prescription contacts
             (the size of quarters)
    $170 dentures custom made by a dentist.
Won it all back that night at costume contest.

Costume worked great in my families haunted house, where we made people cry and even pee their pants!

Morphman - 2011


Wearing a morphsuit, each period of the day I became, or "morphed", into something else and acted out the part.

​Over 40 items were used.

  • Supperfan
  • Explorer
  • Swimmer
  • Climber
  • Runner
  • Activeman

Troll - 2012


Started designing the night before halloween, I usually start at least a week before.

3 hours to make the costume.
Slept for 1 1/2 hours.

​Woke up at 3am for 3 hours of makeup.

Look at my eye on the right as it gets pulled off.

Cosplay Elf - 2013


(Costume Play)
Nothing specific, I just thought it would look cool. Typical of what you might see if you look up "cosplay" on the internet.
Everything is home made, including body armor and bladed staff.
​Red contacts and elf ears make it more interesting.

Cold Fear - 2014


I shaved my head then added hair.
No mask.

Teeth are made from PVC pipe that I cut
and shaped, then glued on.
White contacts & long fingers added to 

the effect.
I could only eat french fries for the day.

Soul Catcher - 2015


Entirely homemade!

Spring stilts and crutches with extensions.

Foam body, mask is on the top of my head.
Head movements and the walk made it look really cool.
​The police kicked me out of Spring Hill Mall within 5 mins. 

Voodoo Priest - 2016


I screen printed the jacket with voodoo symbols.

The hat with dread locks, and staff are home made.
The twist was using the back of my hand to make a skull on my face.

Spirit/Ghost - 2017

 13 feet tall, and used a backpack frame and fiberglass poles to build.  Only lasted 20 minutes at the beginning of school.  The fabric glue didn't hold and all the fabric began to fall off. It was fun while it lasted, but it was my first major fail. 



One white eye & one red eye.

The details helped sell the costume.

The smoke is what made it really cool (see video).