• Born in California 1965
  • 6 ft. tall
  • Blue eyes
  • Left handed but mostly ambidextrous
  • Oldest of 3 (Younger brother - Chris & even younger sister - Kathryn)


  • Wife - Trish
    • Soccer player year round for over 40 years
    • Black belt
    • Ex-police officer
    • Writes poetry and children's stories and hopes to get published someday
  • Daughter - Corryn
    • Works & lives in Tennessee
    • Ex Lundahl wrestler, track and field, Fitness Marathoner, 3 time 24 Hour Runner & Martial Arts
    • CLC Tennis, Track & Field (sprinter & pole vaulter)
    • Great cook
  • Son - Ben
    • Ski Jumper (U.S. Ski Team, ranked 12th in U.S. - Retired.  Trained at Norge Ski Club in Fox River Grove) Ex Soccer player, enjoys:  Archery, Skateboarding, Slack lining, Trampolining
    • Ex Lundahl wrestler, Fitness Marathoner, 3 time 24 Hour Runner
    • 3D animation & Game designer
    • Nature lover
  • Chihuahua called Disney


  • Lake Louise Elementary in Palatine
  • South Elementary
  • Lundahl Middle School
  • South High School class of 1983
  • McHenry County College - 1 year
  • Eastern Illinois University
    • Bachelors of Science in Physical Education
    • Specialization in coaching
  • Northern Illinois University
    • Masters of Science in School Administration

Ultimate backyard playground


  • Track & Field - Lundahl (mile, long & high jump)
  • Wrestling - Lundahl (83 lbs. 8th gd.), CLS (155 lbs. Sr. year)
  • Soccer - CLS first two years they offered the program, left side midfielder
  • Martial Arts - College.  6th degree black belt instructor (Style - Sho-Ryn-Ryu Kempo)
  • Other sports of interest:  diving, skiing (water and snow), climbing, spelunking (caving)
  • The only sports I watch are the Olympics

Growing Up

  • Born in San Diego, CA
  • Grew up in Palatine and Crystal Lake
  • Played outside a lot
  • Skateboarded - when I started the wheels were metal
  • Taught myself how to juggle and ride a 6 ft. unicycle
  • Swim all summer and became a lifeguard/pool manager at Turnberry Country Club - back when they had a high dive
  • Took things apart to see how they worked
  • Wanted to be an astronaut
  • Tried to be a model in college - got published in two magazines
  • Photography and developed my own B&W prints in my darkroom and would sell them
  • Also became a wedding photographer and portrait photographer
  • Tried to make money making or selling just about anything (this helped build the foundation to developing and owning Think Ink, inc. Screen Printing & Graphic Design, and Endorphin Adventures, inc.)

Tug-o-War Jump


  • I always run stairs (I think it's easier than walking them)
  • Reorganize my food before I eat it. 
  • It also takes me forever to make the perfect sandwich.
  • My family growing up use to fight to eat bone marrow for an appetizer
  • I sneeze in bright light


  • Italian
  • Not big on asparagus or cauliflower
  • I like soft foods not crunchy
  • I usually over stuff myself


  • Rocky II
  • Rudy
  • Shakespeare in Love
  • Monty Python and the Holly Grail


  • Not much of a reader, I'm a visual person
  • But I did get a book published, "The 24 Hour Run Experience"
  • Most of my books are about survival, knot skills, wood working, and teaching

Hobbies as a kid

  • Sports and being active
  • Collected bones - I know, it's creepy
  • Unicycling (6 footers)
  • See also "Growing Up"

Hobbies as an adult

  • Adventure races when ever possible
  • Wood working and joinery (see Woodworking page)
  • Camping

Business Owner

  • Think Ink, inc.
    • Started the business in college to make money for spring break with a friend of mine.   
    • Graphic design and screen printing for textiles (clothing - t-shirts, jackets, hats, etc.)
    • Established in 1986
    • Family owned and employed
    • I go there everyday after school and all day all summer
    • We've printed for Fortune 500 companies and internationally
    • Come by sometime and I'll give a tour of how shirts are printed

  • Endorphin Adventures, inc.
    • Started the business with a good friend and physical education teacher Brian Schweitzer, to promote risk taking through physical activity and the positive impact it can have on people.
    • Established in 2012-2017
    • Development of the "Rundezvous - Frontier Survival Race"
    • Corporate and School presentations on motivation, risk taking, and team building


  • Nickname - Frontier, given to me in college because of my problem solving skills with little to no resources, usually pertaining to the outdoors.
  • Cancer - At age 36 I had skin cancer with level 4 malignant melanoma (not good, this is the bad stuff!) 2x6 inch section of skin  removed from my shoulder down to the muscle.  Since then things have been good.  Now I try to stay out of the sun and wear a hat. Too much life guarding and seeing who could get the darkest tan.    
  • I don't watch or follow sports.  I'd rather participate, plus I don't have time to keep up with them.
  • No caffeine for me, I gave it up when I had the cancer scare and I don't miss it at all.
  • Tried out for "Survivor" three times, no call backs - bummer!
  • Been on TV news four times - for good reasons.
  • Ordained Minister - I get to perform marriages!