The following is to provide a background of myself, my career and accomplishments.  From University committees, administrative personal, attendees from speaking engagements, or just as a curiosity, maybe the reason you're here.  I hope you find the information useful.


Fred Kaiser is the 2008 Midwest District Middle School Teacher of the Year, and a national Association of Sports and Physical Education (NASPE) National finalist.  He has been a physical education teacher and wrestling coach in Illinois since 1989.  Fred earned a B.S. in Physical Education at Eastern Illinois University and a M.S. in school Administration from Northern Illinois University.  He has been a member of the Education Advisory Council at Illinois State University, the Council of Future Professionals at the State Leadership Conference, and the Shape-Up Illinois advocacy group.

Fred is a leader in the development of new physical education curriculum, as illustrated by the success of his "24 Hour Run" and "Fitness Challenge marathon" programs.  These media-covered events increase student's confidence and enthusiasm by challenging them to push themselves beyond what they believe is physically or emotionally possible.  His goal is to teach students the characteristics of success, and to give them the opportunity to apply those characteristics both inside and outside of the classroom.  Fred has shared these programs, and his overall approach to teaching, as a convention presenter and speaker since 1994.  In addition to his passion for teaching, Fred is a founder and owner of "Think Ink, Inc.", a screen printing company that sells customized printed sportswear domestically and internationally, and "Endorphin Adventures, Inc." a company that promotes physical activity and enthusiasm developing the tools for success.  In2016 Mr. Kaiser became a published author of "The 24 Hour Run Experience" about motivation and what's possible by teachers and students, and the stories behind this one of a kind event.

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2008's journey in what it took to be a national finalist for teacher of the year.