I hope you find something cool, funny, inspirational, or helpful.  Maybe you'll find something in here of interest that sparks you to be more active, fit, and lead a healthy lifestyle.

Interesting Links:


Amazing & Inspirational People

  • Team Hoyt - One of the most inspirational stories of a father and son race team that will make you want to do better in any challenges you are faced with.
  • Dean Karnazes - One of the fittest and top long distant runners in the world.  He continuously pushes the limits of what the human body can accomplish.
  • Kayla Montgomery - Runner with Multiple Sclerosis battles her disability to become a fierce athlete.
  • Jack Lalanne - The father of fitness.  He has done more for fitness and healthy living than any other person, and did it 30-40 years before anyone else.  Check out his fitness records and achievements.
  • Nick Vujicic - No arms, no legs, no worries!  It's not about what you can't do, but what you can do!

Darebee - Fitness Made Easy:

  • This site does a great job graphically showing interesting workouts, challenges, motivation, etc. on posters.  Visit the site and take on one of their challenges!

Map My Run:

  • See courses and/or keep track of your training through this site and their app.

Knot Skills:

  • Useful skills that everyone should have, and this site does a great job of illustrating techniques.


  • If you like scavenger hunts, the outdoors, seeing new places, and technology, then geocaching is a great way to do it all.

Boomerangs by Vic:

  • Vic shows how to make boomerangs on YouTube and it's pretty cool what he does.  Because of this, my son and I have made a bunch of them in my wood shop and they work great!

Races & Events:


Races & Events

These are some events around the Crystal Lake or Chicago area that may be fun for students and/or parents to get involved with to keep fitness fun and to stay active.

In many of these events, Lundahl students, myself, other Lundahl staff, have competed in and some of which have done very well.

If you enjoyed the 24 Hour Run or the Fitness Marathon I think you will also enjoy these.

Adventure Races:

  • Crystal Lake Aquathon - Takes place within the ideal confines of Three Oaks Recreational Center in Crystal Lake.  As the only aquathon in the state of Illinois, this race offers 3 options:
    • Sprint Distance (500m swim, 5k run)
    • Olympic Distance (1 mile swim, 10k run)
    • 2 Mile Swim
  • Tough Mudder - 10-12 miles of running upland down ski slopes, walls, cold water, and a whole lot of other nasty stuff, including being electrocuted.  Great fun, but on of the toughest events I've done so far.
  • Warrior Dash - A 5k in mud with obstacles that will wear you out.


Tower Climbs


  • Too many to keep track of!  From chocolate to corn mazes, 5k's to 1/2 marathons there's sure to be one that would interest you.  Just check out Event Resources above or do your own search.