This all started when I was 10 or 11 and got a professional movie makeup kit for Christmas one year. When I found out what kind of reactions I could get from people I got interested. In college I began becoming the character in the movements and behavior, not just dressing the part. Once I started teaching there was no turning back, and the students, parents, and staff are loving it.

For nine years our family also put on a haunted house for the neighborhood and students using our back yard and our three car garage. We went all out! We would scare several hundred people per year, and many were so scared they never made it into the building. For years people would come back to enjoy the experience and see if we could bring them to tears. After all this was not your normal haunted house!

All my creations are original or inspired by something I've seen.
It may take a year of thinking about it, but it always comes down to the last minute to get ready.
I do all my own makeup, taking 1-3 hours to apply.
I get up between 3:00am to 4:00am to begin the process.
There are no masks (except for part of the scarecrow - but I still made it).
They are never duplicated.
Cost per costume ranges between $10 - $300+
They alternate each year - scary or non-scary.
​Nobody ever knows what I will be until that morning, not even my own kids.

Old Man - 1991


3 hours of makeup.

First real attempt at doing makeup.

Zombie - 1992


Cotton balls & latex used to build up facial features.

Over 3 hours of makeup.

White Death - 1993


Bald cap.

Used dowel rods sharpened in a pencil sharpener for the spikes.

Microscopic Man - 1994


Can you see me?

Sorry but I was gone that day.

Bum - 1995


Almost got the police on me at a bank.

People ignored me.

My father didn't even know it was me.

Voodoo Witch Doctor - 1996


Twisted paper was used and glued to me to sew my eyes and mouth shut.

I had only a few french fries all day.

Ear lobs were made of rope covered in latex.

Substitute Teacher - 1997


Foam rubber pot belly.

Hand applied hairs on bald cap.

Red Pain - 1998


Shaved my head.

Hooks in my (fake) eye lids - look close.

My real teeth, just colored.

Invisible Man - 1999


I pre-recorded my voice for the announcements, but no body could ever find me during the day.

That's because, once again, I was not there that day.

Evil Clown - 2000


I found out some people are very afraid of clowns.

Good Sturdy Woman - 2001


This just isn't right!

I did not feel at all comfortable in this!

Nightmare - 2002


Sillypuddy eggs for eyes.

String for veins.

Gross - 2003


Puss & hair in ears and nose.

Glued lower lip down.

Whoopie cushion always going off.

I smelled so bad I cleared out entire hallways and made people dry heave.

Warrior of Death - 2004


Not a mask, hand painted & self applied latex.

See through fabric on eyes, teeth are painted on top of mouth.

Costume is hand made and took twice as long as the makeup.

Scared a lot of people at the mall as a manikin.

Blue Man Group - 2005


This is the first time another person was involved in the costume.

An mp3 player with speakers was playing the Blue Man Group soundtrack.

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