Fitness testing has changed over the years!  It's even more structured with very specific requirements in performance to standardize the tests.  Good form is critical along with total effort for students to maintain a high standard.  Students will be tested twice (fall & spring).

Test Areas



This tests abdominal strength and endurance.  Done at a specific pace with perfect form, the test is done when you're exhausted or you've broken form.


Testing upper body strength and endurance, this is one of the hardest tests to do correctly.  Pace and form will eventually get the best of you.

Sit & Reach

Lower back and leg flexibility is measured one leg at a time.  Reaching past your toes is a good start.


Make it to the line before the "beep" and you're still in.  Don't be fooled by its slow start, as you get tired the beeps speed up to test your cardiovascular endurance.