The 24 Hour Run Experience tells the story of one school's challenge to motivate students, to do the impossible, through physical education.  If you've ever been involved in our 24 Hour Challenge Run or want to find out more about the event, then this is a must read.  This is a motivational story that has something for everyone.  The history and why we do it, my teaching philosophy, motivation behind the event, and the stories through the years are full of inspiration and emotion, and shown in colorful photography.

Available at:

Lundahl (through Mr. Kaiser)

Think Ink Screen Printing (by Portillio's)

Book Content

Hour by Hour


Experience the event as the kids do!  Every hour of the event is represented by it's own chapter to best tell the story.

Kids Quotes & Goals


Get a participants perspective.  Their thoughts and goals are funny, insightful, and heart breaking, but all positive.

Motivational Points


A single quote can change your life.  This story is powerful, inspiring thousands to do the impossible, through motivation.