"Creating challenging opportunities for success that last a lifetime.  This event is designed to test the physical, mental and emotional limits of our students."

The Book

Mandatory Meetings

If you are at all interested in this event you must attend one of the first two meetings and the final meeting or you can not participate.

6th graders and first timers

Monday, April 1st:  2:20-3:00 in the upper gym

Repeaters of the 24 Hour Run

Tuesday, April 2nd:  2:20-3:00 in the upper gym

Final Meeting

Students:  Tuesday, May 21st:  2:20-3:00 in the cafeteria.  Meet your team and get last minute information about the event.

Parent volunteers, adult team, & alumni team:  Tuesday, May 21st 6:00 in the library.


Alumni Team(s) & Parent Team(s)


Alumni & parents interested in participating in the event.

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Volunteering/Team Coach Parents


Interested in volunteering or helping, we'd love to see you!

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Get the latest news and updates about the event so you don't miss a thing.

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Get Registered on 8to18.com


Mandatory: Sign up and get your sports physical on file.  Use a computer to sign up, not your phone.

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Designed for hist school seniors, this was a mandatory event, and their final exam.  The instructor of these students was Tony Calabrese, and although I had known him for years, his presentation had lit a passion in me.  Feeling our students were capable of such a challenge if given the chance  with some guidance, I set out to develop the program for our students.

With hopes of getting two teams of 15 together our first year, I was full of enthusiasm when it came time to fire the first starting gun.  We had seven teams (110 students) that first run.  It was by far the best thing I had ever done and experienced as a teacher and was an emotional time for everyone!  Over the years the training is harder, the teams are smaller (less of a break between runs), the miles are more, the requirements are more strict.  But each year the program strengthens, the students run more miles, set more records, achieve more goals, learn and experience more, and the event runs smoother.  We consistently average 40% of the school running in the event, from a wide range of abilities and also personal reasons for participating.

After many years of Mr. Calabrese promoting his program to hundreds of teachers, I was the only one to take on the challenge to do it ourselves.  I am now taking that Tony shared with me along with the experiences I've had with our program, and presented this event all around the country.  Since then there are now many schools that run their version of the 24 Hour Challenge Run.  From high schools to elementary schools they are providing a positive educational experience that will last a lifetime.

Some positive unexpected side effects of the event:

  • Families training together with engaged family time and involvement.
  • Parents getting in shape - resulting in adult teams.
  • Lundahl alumni of the run coming back as college students and forming alumni teams.
  • 2nd graders excited about the run and looking forward to coming to Lundahl.
  • Students training 9-10 months before the event.
  • Unbelievable parent support for this event and during the run.
  • Parents coming back to help at the event even though their kids are no longer at Lundahl.
  • Seen on the channel 2 News seven times!
  • Lundahl is identified in the community by this event.
  • Students and parents that have been influenced by this event and have become marathoners, triathletes and Ironman athletes.
  • University students and Professors from around the state visiting the event and using this as a model to what can be achieved by the students and professionals.

T-Shirt Designs

  • Each team has its own color shirt.
  • The sun and moon represent the 24 hours of running.
  • The number of runners represent the number of teams that year.
  • If there is a large runner(s), that represents the parent team(s).
  • The backwards runners(s) represents the alumni team(s).

Screen printing 24 Hour Run shirts at Think Ink.

Time lapse video of the 24 Hour Run.

Great video from a student and participant of the 24 Hour Run.